Eco-innovative water solutions

Kick-off meeting of project TreatRec

5 European Industrial Doctorates to tackle future challenges for municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery

LEQUIA researchers prove for the first time the biolectrochemical production of butyric acid from CO2 as a sole carbon source

LEQUIA participates in 5 European projects under the VII Framework Program

SANITAS, ManureEcoMine, demEAUmed, R3Water and SYNTOBU.

LEQUIA, a UdG research group

We are focused on eco-innovative water solutions.

II LEQUIA Twitter photo contest to celebrate World Water Day 2015

Research paper: Microbiome characterization of MFCs used for the treatment of swine manure

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2015

ManureEcoMine project presented at two major European scientific events on phosphorous sustainable management

Video: the PANAMMOX® process

PANAMMOX®: Two-step partial-nitritation/anammox process to treat landfill leachates

The Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (LEQUIA) is a research group of the University of Girona (UdG) devoted to the development of eco-innovative water solutions. Our current research lines are: design, operation and control of advanced processes for the biological treatment of industrial and urban wastewaters; valorisation of resources within the water-energy nexus; Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSS); and advanced adsorption/oxidation processes for the treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents. 



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Laboratory of Chemical and Enviromental Engineering

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