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NOVEDAR_EDSS: Intelligent/expert screening of Wastewater Treatment process technologies


NOVEDAR_EDSS tackles the difficult task of the wastewater treatment technologies selection and integration, i.e. the aim of this Environmental Decision Support System is to select the optimal integration of technologies for the treatment of a specific wastewater in a specific location. There is not a single solution but a combination of different technologies for the water (pre-treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment and advanced treatment) and the sludge lines (thickening, enhanced digestion and dewatering). Around 250 different technologies are included in the NOVEDAR_EDSS, with a very high number of potential alternatives to compare. At the same time, the criteria to be used to evaluate the suitability of the design are increasingly elaborated. It is not just about achieving adequate water quality levels at the effluent, but also additional aspects such as operational safety, costs (with special attention to energy requirement) and the environmental impact of the plant relative to greenhouse gases and other emissions are considered. The knowledge used to build the knowledge base of the NOVEDAR_EDSS was extracted from technical and scientific literature as well as expert interviews from academia and engineers from relevant water companies. Therefore, both empirical and theoretical knowledge was considered. 


NOVEDAR_EDSS integrates different knowledge-based techniques to perform the pre-selection of the process flow diagram in a WWTP. The generation of WWTP process flow diagrams is carried out by means of the interaction of two knowledge bases. The first one, specification knowledge base (Skb-units), summarizes the main features of the different treatments (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and sludge line technologies, while the second one contains information regarding the degree of compatibility amongst the different technologies; both are linked to another database with additional information about legislation. The combination of these databases results in the generation of a network of possible alternative process flow diagrams, including different treatment schemes. These process flow diagrams will be analyzed from an environmental, economic and technical point of view (Garrido-Baserba et al. 2012). The software was verified and validated by different experts from academia and from companies participating in the Spanish Consolider project and the Water_2020 COST Action, as well as by comparing simulated data with existing WWTPs projects. The selection process of an alternative WWTP configuration followed by NOVEDAR_EDSS is illustrated in the following Figure:







Please make sure to read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) carefully, fill out the information, sign, and return the EULA to joaquim.comas@udg.edu, with NOVEDAR EDSS opn the subject. Upon receiving the signed EULA, you will receive a link to download the Novedar_EDSS software.  Please note this is strictly an academic version of the software and shall not be used for commercial purposes.  For commercial applications, please contact the consultancy Cobalt Water Global .